Past GPS Timeline

The Genesis of Global Partnership Summit dates back to 2011 when the first edition of GPS, called India Japan Global Partnership Summit(IJGPS) was held in Tokyo, Japan as the manifestation platform for Alternative Development Model. Consequent to the overwhelming success of IJGPS 2011, GPS 2013 was planned but could not be executed due to unforeseen circumstances and was held in 2017 instead with overwhelming

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Global Partnership Summit- 2017

The Global Partnership Summit 2017 proved to be a momentous occasion. Over 1,500 experts from various Industries, Government and Businesses graced the event during the course of 4 days, making it a remarkable event. Over 150 speakers shared their knowledge and expertise with Global Partners towards a common objective of establishing an ADM framework.
The theme of the event was: “Where the World Leaders Gather to Secure a Better Future”.
With 30 Domain specific sessions, 7 Special sessions, 2 Regional Dialogues, Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony, the four-day forum offered numerous opportunities for attendees to learn from leading innovators, policy makers who shared the best practices across industries and help drive the implementation of GPS 2017 vision. All the sessions included speakers from industry, government and academia, offering valuable insights.


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Government & Policy Makers
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Message from the Founder Chairman

I would like to thank all the participants for their committed engagement. Many thanks to SoftBank, Centricus, Government of India and Japan. In the 4 days, through numerous brainstorming sessions and dialogues, with people from all the walks of life, the Summit discussed and analyzed empowerment based Alternative Development Model (ADM) contributing to sound strategies to establish models of development focused on empowerment and sustainability that will empower humanity to create, sustain and grow.

All the stimulating discussions, inspirations, and the expertise of the dignitaries have moved us closer to our dream of establishing of a new development model, based on Energy Efficiency, Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability. We, here, manifested a future that we all truly deserve. Thank you for joining us.

Vibhav Kant Upadhyay
Founder Chairman, GPS | Chairman, ICF


Speakers- GPS 2017

Nobuo Kishi

Former State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Japan

Daisaku Kadokawa

Mayor, Kyoto City, Japan

Alphons Joseph Kannanthanam

Hon. Minister of Tourism

Gajendra Singh Sekhawat

Hon. Minister of State, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India.

Kotaro Tamura

Professor, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore

Manoj Kohli

Chairman, SoftBank Energy

Leaderspeak @ GPS 2011 and 2017

Global Partnership Summit 2017 Event Highlights Videos