GPS 2013

from December 15-18, 2013,
GPS was planned and ready to be executed, however had to be postponed because of unavoidable reasons and was executed in 2017.

GPS 2013 Board

Vibhav Kant Upadhyay

Founder Chairman,
Architect of India-Japan Global Partnership

Hon. Sam Pitroda

Former Advisor to PM India

Hon. Yasuhisa Shiozaki

LDP - Acting Chairman, Policy Research Council

Hon. Toshihiro Nikai

Vice Chairman,
Secretary General
Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Japan

Hon. Akihiro Ohta

Vice Chairman,
Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Hon. Hakubun Shimomura

Vice Chairman,
Minister of Education , Culture, Sports, Science and Technology​

Hon Yoshimasa Hayashi

Vice Chairman,
Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Hon. Norihisa Tamura

Vice Chairman,
Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare