H.E. Shinzo Abe


“The Partnership spans a wide spectrum encompassing global,regional and bilateral aspects. This Summit is to create a roadmap for newer dimensions.”


Mukesh D. Ambani


“An opportune Summit, GPS promises fruitful partnerships across the world. It is a platform to shape ideas, visions and develop roadmaps to the India-Japan relationship while creating peace, harmony and prosperity for the World.”


Yoshihiko Noda


“The Global Partnership Summit has entered into the forum of greatness and it will last at least 30 years, in which it will become a historical entity while benefitting many.”


Amitabh Kant


“I think this summit has great potential by which we can create a great synergy between India and Japan. It will be a win-win situation for both the countries in the future.”


Smriti Zubin Irani


“Economic and commercial ties remain the cornerstone of our mutually beneficial relations with Japan and this Summit will help build stronger bridges between the two nations.”


Madhav Kumar Nepal


“This Summit attracts highly accomplished leaders from various sectors and takes a serious look at the great investment potential to help enhance the prosperity of millions of people.”


Sri Gajendra Singh Shekhawat


“Global Partnership Summit is a platform to integrate ideologies, ideas, initiatives, process, people and policies. It allows for global partners to share knowledge, expertise, and resources to work towards a common objective of establishing an Alternative Development Model framework. Through core values such as cooperation, collaboration, and inclusivity, GPS aims to establish models for development that will focus on empowerment and sustainability.”


Sri K.J. Alphons


“India and Japan are close friends. Japan and India have a great bilateral relationship, and we want to take it forward to a higher level. These two countries have to play a very important role in global politics, economics, and culture.”


Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


“Development cannot be seen in isolation, it has to be through cooperation. Peaceful co-existence by sharing wealth and wisdom is the way to move forward. Consistency, cooperation, mutual understanding, caring, and sharing are the values that need an upliftment in today's world, which is plagued with violence, stress, tension, and environmental pollution. We are diverse in our language, culture, and tradition, yet we all are one family. We need to create that sense of belongingness and cherish that in our lives. Summits like this give us a platform to come up with diverse ideas to take it back to the population.”


Dr. Umer Ahmed Illyasi


“Technology has interconnected the whole world and we all are global citizens of this global village. A global partnership to alleviate poverty, pollution and water scarcity is to be created so as to take maximum benefits from this interconnectivity.”